Hacienda Paradise

"I just wanted to congratulate you both on a fantastic performance on Friday night. It was super to see Inner Ground on the main stage and to perform to so many people. You must all have worked really hard on it and it was worth it - it was a slick and interesting performance. Please convey my congratulations to your company."

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Zannah Chisholm

Artistic Director/Chief Executive

Pavilion Dance South West.

Hacienda Paradise
By Deborah Galloway for Rambert

Hall for Cornwall, Rambert 2017: The Ghost Dances tour
Elixir Festival, Sadlers Wells London

‘Hacienda Paradise’ was choreographed by Rambert animateur Deborah Galloway in collaboration with Inner Ground company members. Created in response to Christopher Bruce’s ‘Ghost Dances’ (1981), the abstract dance work calls on the supernatural, animal gods, and themes of human chaos, when one woman’s desire to control leads to her own downfall. Inspired by a true story from the Galapagos Island of Floreana, this paradise sets the scene for mystery, murder and self-destruction.

Rambert is Britain’s national dance company. It presents new and historic dance works to audiences in all parts of the country, performed by world-class dancers and accompanied by live music, alongside extensive outreach, education, participation, and professional development work.

Concept, Choreography, and Direction
Deborah Galloway

Deborah Galloway

Cast of 25 dancers from IGDC

Caroline Schanche and Belinda Whiting

Inner Ground Dance Company commissioned Rambert to create ‘Hacienda Paradise’. This project was funded by ACE, Feast, Hall for Cornwall and The South West Foundation.

Helen Tiplady (Hall for Cornwall) and Isobel King.

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