Hydrology - an Immersive Film & Sound Installation

From a droplet to a deluge Hydrology considers our fundamental connection with water and its life-affirming qualities.

Created during 2020, this collection of visually rich and emotionally driven films is both panoramic and intimate.
Through its choreographic themes of ritual washing, isolation and solitude, Hydrology resonates with the significance of this extraordinary year.

Extremely beautiful and very moving, revealing the power and mystery of water”

“Exquisite and mesmerising”

“Beautiful, immersive, compelling”

Audience responses Spring 2022.

Concept and Direction
Simon Birch

Simon Birch and Inner Ground Dance Company members

Ruby Ingleheart

Jon Hughes

Inner Ground Dance Company

‘Hydrology’ is funded by Arts Council England, Big Lottery, and Feast.

AMATA Falmouth University